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Via Del Rey

UCD 20141213 VIADELREY 200W

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Welcome to Rainbow Junction

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Life's Learning Center

The guiding philosophy for Rainbow Junction Preschool & Daycare Center is that each child is a unique and valuable human being. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where your child seeks out new experiences and he or she is encouraged to develop independence, self-direction, and respect for his or her classmates. Cultural and occupational differences are promoted through field trips and presentations by classroom guests. Our school day follows a planned schedule, and we strive to maintain a balance between structured and non-structured activities, individual and group activities, and to major areas of child development (physical, cognitive, social, and emotional).

Our staff is qualified through education, training, and experience, to work with preschool and school-aged children. All teachers meet state requirements, and almost all of the staff have been with us for most of our 27 years in business.

Call for Enrollment Information: 916-645-1099

Teachers at Rainbow Junction


We Are Located Near Beautiful Downtown Lincoln: